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Restoring Connection


The current paradigm that produces unnecessary suffering must be confronted
We are all bound to one another, to other beings, and to the Earth,
and this connection is where the foundation for peace lies.

Meet Our Residents

Unconditional Love


Here, our relationship to animals is a daily practice of mindfulness and love in action.
Our methods transcend species and domestication.

Meet Our Residents



We are a permanent sanctuary to animals in need and a safe place for humans
to practice and explore the true nature of love in action.

Meet Our Residents


We are a vegan facility dedicated to inspiring change and educating others about the benefits of a plant-based diet. It is important to us to shed light on the truth of the unnecessary harm resulting from the exploitation of animals. We do it for the animals, for our health, for the planet, and most importantly as a direct result of unconditional love.


In addition to providing sanctuary for animals, we maintain a daily practice of bringing awareness to the present moment in each of our activities throughout the day. This is especially true in our interactions with each other, human and nonhuman alike. The work we do is based in being which brings integrity to our doing.


The primary work we do here concerning the animals is a method of healing that combines science and philosophy, essentially taking them from a conditioned or domesticated state into one of balance and harmony as a free-minded being. Meeting their basic biological needs while allowing freedom of choice is the foundation from which we begin.


Our interactions with the animals in sanctuary depend completely on building authentic relationships. There are no training methods, means of coercion, or food based rewards involved. We apply the same relationship skills to the animals that we seek to use with one another, often with a language of no words.

Join us in being the change — for animals and for love.

What People Say


"I had the privilege to visit [New World Sanctuary] and within 10 minutes of listening to Ren and the other staff speak about their vision and what they've already done with these beautiful animals, I experienced a complete paradigm shift in the way I view our relationship with these creatures and unconditional love as a whole. I was so deeply touched by this experience, by the work these people are doing, and getting to interact with the horses in a completely different way than I ever have before is something I will never forget. I can't wait to read Ren's book and tell every single person who is willing to listen about what these wonderful souls are up to in this world. Thank you for a life-shifting experience and for Who You All Are!” ~ Nova Wightman, Certified Professional Life Coach

Nova Wightman / Certified Professional Life Coach


“I have discovered another world besides language, a world made with energy, gestures, and emotions.  It’s a world more loving and caring, where there are no judgements or complexity.  Where we can BE one.” ~ Miryam Pagè, Vegan Chef

Miryam Pagè / Vegan Chef


"My stay at New World Sanctuary was a time of deep connection. After visiting, learning, working, and experiencing life there, my outlook on life changed, and along with that my relationship to everything in my life. I became vegan. I learned to treat animals with the same relational approach as humans. But most importantly, I learned a new language of consent, cooperation, and love. I highly recommend spending time and learning from the amazing humans and animals.” ~ Meg Jamison, Designer/Yoga Instructor

Meg Jamison / Designer/Yoga Instructor