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Shai Featured



In 2012, Ren was told about a six-year-old stallion in desperate need of some assistance.  He, along with many others at a North Texas breeding facility, had been abandoned and left to starve in their stalls after the owner of the property suddenly passed away.  With no family members willing to care for the abandoned animals, they were relinquished to anyone willing and able to take them on.

When we went to meet Shai, he was skin and bones.  Shai was to be Ren’s personal horse in her previous training business, but after only two short months of returning him to health and practicing the esoteric philosophy of Nevzorov Haute Ecole, everything changed. He is the horse that changed our lives, inspired Riding On the Power of Others: A Horsewoman’s Path to Unconditional Love to be written, and the reason New World Sanctuary Foundation exists today.

Shai has never been a trained or conditioned horse which means he has a lot of opinions and no trouble expressing himself.  He has always been treated with love and respect, and interacting with him can be a life changing experience.  Just be careful — if he does something like pull your hood over your head, and it makes you giggle, you can be sure it will happen again!

Shai before

Shai After

Shai - before  Shai - after