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Our Residents

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the permanent residents of New World Sanctuary. These animals have become our nonhuman family, and they have so much to teach about our connection to one another, the assumptions we make about other species, and most importantly — love.

Please read their stories, and if you fall in love, consider sponsoring someone. Your sponsorship covers an individual’s basic needs for an entire year so that additional funds can go towards improving the animals’ quality of life beyond those basic necessities. Each animal has their own personal fund, so once their basic needs are covered for the year, we use additional money in their account to pay for things like holistic dentistry or anything unexpected that may come up for that individual.

Full Year Sponsorships come with some unique opportunities and offerings, but anyone can make a contribution of any amount to any animal’s account at any time. Our work here at New World Sanctuary Foundation depends on your generous contributions, and we are so thankful that you care about animals as much as we do. We hope you enjoy getting to know the beautiful souls that call this place home.